diane giannini


Diane L Giannini, CG, is a board certified
professional genealogist currently residing in Bentonville, Arkansas. She celebrated ten years as the owner of her research firm, Ancestry Sleuths, in January 2014. Over the years she has
served as a board member for the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists, and President of the Charles County Maryland Genealogical Society.

She is the webmaster for the Mid-Atlantic Germanic society and President of the Northwest
Arkansas Genealogical Society. She is a member of several state and local genealogical societies and
the National Genealogical Society. She has written for NGS Newsmagazine, the APG Quarterly and her local

Diane first became interested in genealogy in 1999 when she was given an undocumented family tree by a family member. She regularly lectures on various topics for all levels of genealogists on both a local and national level.