valerie Chandler


Hello! I live in Bentonville, Arkansas and I am a wife to my Greg and a mother to six boys- ten to twenty three years old. My whole life is taking care of the Chandler Hearth and Home.  I have an adventuring spirit and love to load the kids up in my “Fun Bus” and discover all through the area and the broader United States.   Perhaps my most active Family History contribution, presently, is a little blog I write called “It’s All About These Boys”. It tells the story of my life, allows me to develop insights, and it captures my boys and all their antics. I also have satisfaction in knowing that through this writing, I will be the one to introduce myself to my posterity.

I have blogged faithfully for ten years and in the process have learned a fair amount about the Internet publishing of cute, bound books that can make my digital blog into pages to turn.

My ancestral Family History “heart” is in cemetery research. Several years ago my objective was to have each of my direct-line relatives safely accounted for in graves across this nation. In this process, I have learned a good amount about the cemetery search sites and  They are powerful tools to capture my research and the work of others.

I am so happy that I can do a few small things to be involved in this wonderful, noble, satisfying work of accounting for the human race through Family History.