2018 Conference

Evaluation Survey


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Overall Impressions of the Conference *
Overall Impressions of the Conference
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Overall, I was well satisfied with the conference.
Overall, the conference was very good
Overall, the conference was well run.
Overall, there were no significant technical issues.
Overall, the instructors I had were knowledgeable.
Overall, the instructors I had were well prepared.
Overall, the instructors I had presented their material well and in an organized manner.
Please be as specific as you can. Constructive criticism is welcome. That's how we can improve for next year. Your comments will be kept in confidence.
Box Lunch Option *
If we offered an option next year to purchase a box lunch, catered by Jason's Deli, for roughly $10, so that you would not have to go offsite for lunch, would you be inclined to opt in?
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