Many of our ancestors worked under difficult conditions.

Many of our ancestors worked under difficult conditions.



This is the registration form for the upcoming September 28, 2019, conference.

If you want to register for the 2019 conference, please enter your email address and name, and indicate whether you wish to attend the keynote address. Select the classes in which you have an interest.

Your selections are not commitments but indications of interest which we will use to help us determine interest in each class and in what room to put it. You may, at the conference, attend other classes instead of the ones you indicate here.  But please, try to leave no class period “unsure.” The more you indicate even a preliminary interest, the better we can plan not only for this year’s conference but also for next year’s.

Enter any comments you may have (we welcome comments, so please feel free) and click the "submit" button.

Register only once. The list service we use to keep track of everyone’s email address and class choices allows any given email address to be entered only once. A subsequent registration attempt using the same email address is just discarded without an error notice.


Don’t forget that we have a box lunch option for you this year, catered by Jason’s of Fayetteville. If you would like to join us for lunch, purchase one of the boxes available on the Class Schedule page. Be certain to keep your ticket in a safe place and to bring it with you on the day of the conference. You must have it to claim your lunch.


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